20kw ground-mount system in Prospect, CT (26ft. wide X 94ft. long)


Overview: The homeowner customized a kit home package to create a unique home that goes far beyond ENERGY STAR® standards. Thanks to a tight, well-insulated building envelope, a super-efficient geothermal heat pump and a 20kw PV system, this house can be heated, cooled and operated at no cost all year around. Even a large PV system like this one can be remarkably affordable because of two important incentive programs: Connecticut Light & Power’s Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) Program and the federal tax incentive for renewable energy. These programs enable the homeowner to collect $4,500.00 per year for fifteen years from the electric utility, while also enjoying a $30,000.00 federal tax credit. Contact master electrician and renewable energy expert Bruce Angeloszek to learn more about renewable energy options for home and business owners.