Generlink – Automatic transfer for portable generators

Plugging your generator into GenerLink gives you a safe and easy way to connect a generator to your home during those unexpected power outages.


During a power outage, more inconvenience is the last thing you  want or need.   The first thing you want is GenerLink installed by CT Electrical Services behind your home’s electric meter.  With GenerLink, using  your  portable generator  is  easy  and  safe.    Turn off appliances on your breaker panel, plug your generator into GenerLink, start your generator and turn on your appliances from your breaker panel.

CT Electrical Services + GenerLink + your generator = YOUR PATH TO POWER

GenerLink Eliminates Extension Cords

With CT Electric Services installing a GenerLink and your portable generator, you eliminate the hazards of running extension cords.  Most homeowners do not own an extension cord that is long enough and made of the appropriate gauge wire to connect to their portable generators. Typically, extension cords are used to power multiple appliances. A potentially hazardous situation can occur if an overloaded extension cord overheats. This can cause a fire. In other instances, an extension cord that is too long may result in a voltage   loss   that   could damage expensive appliances. Many appliances such as sump pumps, well pumps, furnaces and hot water heaters are direct-wired and cannot be connected via an extension cord to a portable generator. You should never attempt to rewire these appliances  yourself. GenerLink provides you with the safety you need and want for yourself and your family.