Local Connecticut Solar Installer, CT Electrical Services Volunteers time for the first E building in the State Technical High School system

“Our Children Live in the World We Give Them”

Bruce Angeloszek Owner of CT Electrical Services says “let’s give our Connecticut Technical High Students a better place for their future. An E-Building is just what our students need to prepare them for their future, sustain their careers, and keep the younger generation here in Connecticut” Read about the first E building funded by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, CT Electrical Services is volunteering and guiding the teachers through the solar PV project. Anything they may need to make the project a learning experience for all involved.

“We couldn’t be prouder to have been asked to help EC Goodwin get this initiative off of paper and into the hands of our future generations!!!”
~ Bruce Angeloszek

Solar Photovoltaic
The CTHSS electrical trade program will include solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The PV systems will use actual PV panels in conjunction with equipment such as DC-AC power inverter, and specified electrical load (appliances). In addition, an assortment of balance of systems (BOS) hardware, including wiring, over current, surge protection and disconnect devices, and other power processing equipment will be used. Units will be mounted using mock structure installations. The solar PV model will also encompass testing equipment for troubleshooting solar PV systems. Students will start with bench top training and progress to the mock systems. All systems and kits will have consumables (extra wires, batteries, etc.) available to allow for instruction of future students.