Maintaining your investment. Home standby generator Preventative Maintenance.

A home standby generator requires routine maintenance just like your vehicles engine. Your generators engine contains, engine oil, an air filter, an oil filter, and spark plugs. All of these things contribute to your generator working continually and properly.


Engine Oil:

Your generators oil should be checked every 200 hours, or two years. Oil helps prevent metal parts inside the engine from rubbing against each other. Too much friction and heat can cause the engine to stop running in a situation when you need power the most.

Air Filter:

The air filter plays an important role in your generators fuel system.
Your engine could be compared to the human respiratory system.
The human body can only withstand a certain amount foreign particles and pollution until serious health problems start to occur.
Your engine can literally suffocate when there is nothing to filter out dirt, leaves, and other small objects.

Oil Filter:

If an engine needs oil, it also needs an oil filter.While the motor oil lubricates the engine, the oil filter stops oil grit from reaching sensitive engine parts. An oil filter does this by trapping dirt and tiny metal particles that can cause engine wear.

Spark Plugs:

Sparks Plugs may be small, but they are one of the most important components to a generators engine. Spark plugs create the electrical burst needed to put an engines pistons in motion. This is essential in ensuring your generator starts up and stays running.

Test run:

Putting your generator through a power failure test is very important. This test makes sure your power transfer switch operating correctly.

We have many different preventative maintenance packages available. We are Generac Power Pro Elite Dealers and all of our repair technicians are Generac Authorized Service Technicians. Contact us today for more information!