Solar Power When the Sun Goes Down


Bank interest. This bank of deep-cycle batteries can be continuously charge from the solar PV panels when the grid is not available. The solar panels supply free energy from the sun, and available back up power 24/7 from this system. Control circuitry is mounted on the wall at right.

A battery backup system is a missing ingredient that every PV system needs to maximize savings, security and performance.

For a long time, the high price of solar photovoltaic limited PV installations to affluent homeowners interested in green living rather than cost savings. But things have changed. The price of solar energy has plummeted –falling more than 60% since 2010. Solar programs and other incentives have added even more interest –especially here in Connecticut, where grid-supplied electricity is so expensive the third highest in the USA Alaska and Hawaii are the highest according to the US Energy Information Administration. Today it’s no longer surprising to see solar panels as you drive through neighborhoods across our state. This is great news for homeowners and for the environment.

But it gets better. Bruce Angeloszek’s CT Electrical Services is pioneering the installation of fully integrated electrical systems that combine solar power with battery-based storage and advanced circuitry to maximize savings and optimize power use while also protecting people and property from electrical hazards.

“A PV battery backup system makes so much sense, I would never want to install a solar system without one,” says Chip Cifone. The Cifone’s newly installed PV & battery system is a perfect example of the advanced technology that is now available to make the most of a PV system.

The specially designed, deep-cycle batteries we install enable you to store solar energy and generator-supplied energy. You can elect to use your stored electricity at night or anytime that sunlight isn’t available. Even more importantly, your battery bank keeps your home’s critical loads running normally when the grid goes down and “keeps the solar active”!. It’s a solar generator that operates silently and requires no maintenance or fuel. That’s hard to beat.

But there’s more. As shown in the video, our systems include sophisticated circuitry that enables your home’s critical loads electrical system to function like a mini utility company. The system automatically converts direct current (DC) from the batteries and PV panels into alternating current (AC) compatible with home electrical requirements. One of the most important components in the system is a Critical Load Panel. It’s programmed to prioritize key household loads when the grid goes down, ensuring that core circuits (for heating, well pump, refrigerator, lighting etc.) receive battery power first. In the event the batteries need charging during prolonged periods without sun a transfer switch automatic or manual installed in the system directs generator-supplied power to household loads or recharges the batteries.

The wave of the future

It can be risky to make predictions, but Chip Cifone feels confident that the benefits of this complete, stand-alone electrical system are too significant to ignore. “In the future, everyone who has solar panels will also want battery backup,” he predicts. Assembling and installing these cutting edge systems is challenging and rewarding. It’s an excellent opportunity for our crew to practice exceptional craftsmanship. We can’t wait to install the next system.